As people are restored to spiritual and emotional health, they are then prepared for a new season of service. In many cases, they lack the basic skills and knowledge to pursue a vocational direction. Restoring Hope Ministries is working with the community to provide post-secondary classes in areas ranging from pastoral care to vocational and trade skills.

In October 2018, the University of Batissons l’Espoir in Central Africa (“UBECA”) was formed. When applications started coming in we expected to end with 65 students. However, the applications kept coming. We finally had to cap our applications due to capacity limits at 155 total students. Included in this first class, are students of all ages (18+) and traveling from hundreds of miles away.


This education program is the heart of our training. As these men and women graduate, they will have the knowledge and skills to be able to work well paying jobs and provide for themselves and their families. Even more importantly, they will have been discipled for 5 years by godly men and women. Every student is required to attend the chapel services led by local pastors, and they are learning the Word of God in their regular studies. It is a beautiful form of discipleship.