Training makes the trip MUCH easier and more fun. Consult your physician before embarking on a new exercise program. In fact, there is a “Sports Physical Form” that MUST be filled out by a physician for all cyclists. You can find this form on our details page.

Start Now

Find someone to train with to keep you motivated. Connect with Curt’s Cyclery (our local bike shop sponsor).


MeetUp is a website (or phone app) that allows you to select rides throughout the week. We will facilitate all of our training rides through this website.


Strava is a website that you will utilize for tracking your training. Additionally, we will use Strava on the bike tour as our main GPS as it makes sure we all have the same route to our destination. To get started, go to strava.com and create an account. If you have a smart phone, download the mobile app, as it will make tracking your training miles easier. If you don’t have a smart phone, don’t worry; it is very easy to log your miles online too! In our group Google Drive there is a .pdf that walks you through step-by-step how to do this.

Start Slow

Start at a pace and workout schedule that you can handle—there’s no sense in burning yourself out. Gradually increase your speed and distance. Start by working out 2-3 times a week and increasing your training as your trip approaches.

Set Goals

Set practical goals that work for your body type and abilities. Work your way up to cycling 15-19 mph for 1-2 consecutive hours. Then, make it your goal to ride 75 miles, in 1 day. Once you’ve done a 75-mile day, shoot for a century, which is 100 miles in 1 day. By the time you start your tour, you should have at least 1 century under your belt. TRUST US… you CAN do it!

Ride, Ride, Ride

There is no better way to prepare than to ride as much as possible. Make bicycling your main form of transportation. Bring your bike to Curt’s Cyclery and have them adjust it to fit your body. If you don’t have a bike yet, buy one at Curt’s Cyclery. They should fit you for free and they will be a great resource as you prepare for your trip. They will even give you a discount on your bike and gear. Be sure to wear a helmet and be safe. Try riding in all different environments. Ride in the country, ride in the city, ride in groups, ride by yourself, and ride in the RAIN!

Climb Steps

Take a break from cycling and find some stairs. Start by jogging up and down as many times as possible. Increase the amount of stairs you climb. Add a little weight. Office buildings and stadiums are great places to find stairs.

Visit a Gym or Health Club

Many gyms have personal trainers. Let them know what you are doing and see if they can give you advice.

Stay Consistent

Train regularly. It takes 2-3 weeks before you really start to enjoy training. People typically lose stamina and muscle strength faster than they can gain it. Ride every day – even if it is only for an hour.

Eat Right

THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR EATING RIGHT! Begin cutting the unhealthy snacks, sugars and fats from your diet. If you are an over-eater, try eating only a 1/2 or 3/4 of your normal meal. Don’t worry, on the trip you will eat a lot, but for now, it will help you prepare. Eating healthy, REAL food will drastically improve your recovery time and overall energy level.

Switch It Up

Regardless of your local terrain, make it a point to switch it up! Find a local hill and practice climbing and don’t forget to bike INTO the wind! Also, switch up your speed. Alternate between pedaling hard for 10 minutes and easy for 10 minutes.

Recommended Reads

Bike for Life, How to Ride to 100. This book covers everything from physical training to eating habits. It is worth the read.